Friday, October 24, 2008

Guitar Hero Date Night

My friend Terrina moved back to town (from arkansas) and Adam and I are loving having people to hang out with. Tonight we started our date night by eating at Kbobs and then finished with guitar hero. They had never played before so we looked like pros. lol
Terrina said she needed to stand for her "groove"
Ally is not a pro yet but she's working on it.
Ally sucks her thumb sooo cute! She covers her whole face. lol. Look at those cute little legs!

Had to share my awesome new frame. Top is ally and her teddy bear, middle is adam and I pooching out our bellys like 2 days before I had ally and bottom is adam and I at the lake.

Ally loves her boppy tummy time!

What a Poser. In a good way>


On Oct. 20th it was our 1 year anniversary. So as the tradition goes, we pulled our cake top out of the freezer and ate it. I must say that the sparkling grape juice tasted MUCH better than the yucky year old dry cake. I love beverle cake but not so much when its been frozen for a year. My husband had to work late that night, and even though, technically we celebrated the friday before by dinner at JB's I was upset and pouting so he did the whole candlelight dinner. (candle from the bathroom-what a dork!) But I love him so much even if it was the toilet candle it was still romantic!

Who woulda thought we would have a
baby to celebrate with on our 1ST

Fall-A-Days (AKA BOW-stravaganza)

Last weekend we went to Fall-A-Days and I knew from past years that there are ALWAYS homeade bows. I LOVE bows and Ally is known for her trademark humongous bows. This is just one of the 10 bows I bought at fall-a-days (more pics to come of her bows as she wears them). I call this her Fall bow.