Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, we are busy packing around this house. Ally and I are off to kids camp for the week. It ought to be interesting considering she will probably not sleep nor take naps all week. I used to think I packed heavy with just me and Ive more than doubled that-diapers, wipes, pack n play, twice the clothes, pjs, towels and not to mention toys. The lady who is bunking in with us is bringing her 3 year old son, and weve discussed how our cabin is sure to look like a daycare. Well I will not be blogging or checking blogs at all next week. I will leave you with a picture of Ally eating her first oreo-Im sure that some moms reading this just stroked out that I fed my 9 month old an oreo- however, I dont believe that ONE oreo is going to make her die, or be obese. Until I decide to give up the habit myself, I will not be a hypocrite and not allow my child to eat them while I sit and endulge. Anyways, thats enough for today.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Such a Big Girl

Ally is getting to be such a BIG girl! I cant believe how fast shes growing! She is over 9 months old now! (The 9 months she's been here have gone WAY faster than the 9 we waited for her to arrive!) She was being VERY ornery while we were trying to get these pics! Daddy was taking her to church with him all by themselves while mommy stayed home and cooked for the family.
No clue what this face is about . . .

Planting Flowers

This year I have been REALLY trying to make our yard look nice, so adam and I bought some flowers to plant around our tree. They sat on the porch for like 2 weeks but we finally decided to plant them. Ally was a big help!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

errrrrccchhh. . . .

Well Jame, Luke, Ally and I came to Catoosa to stay with her parents for the weekend. We borrowed the church suburban, because jamies car is small and our yukon is piece! We drove all the way here, got to her moms house and when we went to leave for dinner (which they eat EARLY!) the sub. started making weird crunching noises. I drove to enid because I hate tulsa and then jamie ended up driving us in. However I did drive around tulsa tonight (I think we were in tulsa- - - who knows!) hence the ERRRCCCHH. We ate at this amazing mexican restaurant called la mansion. Jamie had said playa azul was better so I wasnt expecting much, omgosh it was the best mexican food Ive ever had! We went to babies r us and mardel tonight . the way they talk the BIG shopping extravaganza happens tomorrow night. Ally took FOREVER to get to sleep tonight. We're both sleeping in a full size bed-ought to be interesting considering I usually have 3 inches in a queen size bed with her. Anyway, the computer is in my room so thats why Im posting about nothing - with no pictures. Boredom, but I dont dare open the door and go out and wake up ally.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My daredevil

I am trying to figure out if its a good thing or a bad thing that Ally is so brave! She seriously is not scared of ANYTHING! (besides the nursery lately-I think Ally's the 1st baby to get kicked out of the nursery!) ANYWAY- the othe day I was in my "office" and hadnt heard anything from her for a while so I walked in the living room to find. . . . .

She absolutely loves the buckle on her car seat and she was in the car seat (which was upside down) playing with the buckle. Then she proceeds to stand whcih, short side (where her bottom goes) of course wants to flip over right side up-luckily momma was there to grab her before this happened though!

we LOVE the park

Ally LOVES to swing-she is a brave little booger! She swings just as high as Luke and hes 3! This is at the park in Shattuck when Jamie and I went over there for the day with my grandma and grandpa/

Allys new bike

My mom has a steering wheel in her office that ally absolutely loved. We searched all around for just a plain jane steering wheel and all we could find was this $50 toy-- but she loves it so its worth it. SUPPOSEDLY the steering wheel part is for 6+ months, the rocker is for 9+ months and the rolling bike is for like 18+ months-But ally is already wheeling around! The only problem is-she wants to stand up on her bike and lean over the steering wheel and look at the ground in front of her!