Monday, December 29, 2008

*warning* Ally Overload

We had a very awesome first christmas. Photo Overload ahead.. This is our christmas tree at our house.
Ally and daddy at our first family Christmas-Christmas eve. (my side of the family). Ally got a doll, an eskimo joes outfit, and toys.

Ally posing for the Camera at Nama and Poopah's house on Christmas eve. (Part 2 of presents)

Ally opening presents

My family at my mom and dads house on Christmas eve.

Ally and Sweet Pea

Ally opening presents. (too many to mention here) toys, clothes, etc.

DAY 2. Christmas day at Aunt Cindys house. Ally, nanny and her cousin cashlyn. It was so cute, Cashlyn was giving ally her cup and ally was drinking it like a big girl.

Ally and Cashlynn

Ally opening presents. She got clothes and toys.

Ally and mommy opening presents back home. She got KSwiss tennys from daddy (their pink of course) and toys.

We had a great Christmas overall, and are very thankful we have a healthy daughter now to enjoy it with.

Events leading up to Ally's 1st Christmas

We have had an EXCITING 1st Christmas with Ally. Thought I would share some events from the week "before" Christmas. Ally met Santa Claus. She just sat and was hanging out. Im sure next year she will scream.

This is the new "tea party" exersaucer her nama got her for Christmas. (not to copy Haven, but this is the CUTEST one out there!)

This is the new Rainforest High Chair Nama also bought Ally for Christmas. She loves playing with the animals.

This is Ally eating her green beans (She wasnt a fan)

Ally very sleepy from all the yummy green beans

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shots are Sad

Well, Ally turned 4 months old on Monday, which means its shot time again! We went this morning and got her shots, which led to me calling Adam and saying "you are taking her from now on!" She cried, and would stop for a bit, and start screaming again. Luckily, the doc upped her tylenol dosage as well so I was able to give her more tylenol to knock her out. She is supposed to go to the Chiropractor this afternoon for her adjustment, but I dont see that happening. I will probably just have to cancel her appointment for this week. I had a tupperware party monday night, which as all know, it snowed monday night, so nobody showed up. Big bummer. Anyways, the Rodgers family is just trying to get ready for Christmas. We just got Ally a few things for under the tree, and my mom and dad bought her exersaucer and highchair, and probably some other things. It's not like shes going to remember if we got her something or not. But we did. lol. Anyways, just a little update on life.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little MUTT

I talked previously about my little "charity case" I took on- AKA Abby Bear-- this is her- she really is adorable. She has finally stopped peeing and pooping on my floor as much. I took her for her shots yesterday and they say she is probably about 10 weeks old (meaning she was like 5 when we got her) and they couldnt say what breed she is yet. She looks a lot like Auskar and Snickers did when they were really little, other then Auskar had a long nose.

This ones for you Auntie Emma

You need to quit spoiling Ally Shay- Jenny Jump up AND adorable bow beanie you gave her!!!
We dedicated Ally to the Lord on Sunday morning. Only 2 people showed up from Adams side of the family--my S-I-L and my nephew. Really the only 2 I feel even halfway care. Allys own grandma didnt show up. It makes me sad and a little angry. His whole family is basically un-churched and didnt see it as a priority. However, had she had a ballgame, they so would have been there. Besides, they couldnt get it out of their heads that we should be baptizing her. No matter how much we explained what the bible REALLY says about baptism to them--- a PUBLIC Announcement-Symbol of salvation-Ally is under God's Grace until she is old enough to make her own decision-They thought she needed to be baptized. Had they been at the service and heard allens sermon they may have understood it, but no- Anyway, a few pics with ally in her dress.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update On the Rodgers Family. . .

A LOT has happened since I posted last. First of all, Adams birthday was on the 9th of November and we celebrated with his family at Playa Azul. Here is Ally ready for daddys bday party. The next day we celebrated his birthday with my
family and we received a lovely betty boop wind chime for our kitchen. (If you've never been to our house, Adam has loved Betty Boop since he was in high school, ummm weirdo lol! so our kitchen is Betty boops). Here is his cookie cake, compliments of the cake lady, AKA Bev, my sunday school teacher when I was 7 who used to bring us yummy ranch dip in the mornings, lol!
Of course thats betty boop in the middle, his stinkin grooms cake was betty boop for cryin out loud!
Onto other things, last week at one of my tupperware parties in Vici, a little stray puppy came running up to me, "OH how cute I want him, I thought!" Well the hostess of the party (my friend jodi) said take it, it will get hit by a car. When I got ready to leave the little thing wasnt anywhere to be found, so I was like "Oh well I didnt need it anyway". Got in my car, fixing to take off and see, the dog. SO I threw it in my car and brought it home (not thinking about anything, you see, like having a dog, cat, and newborn baby already) I bring the dog home, adam falls in love with it (I'll put up pics next post). PROBLEM-INFESTED with fleas, not even weaned (loves Allys binkies and will suck on it like a baby) and has worms. We're taking her to the vet first of the month. We're using home rememdies for now though. Anyway, we named her Abby Bear and she poops ALL over the floor, gets into EVERYTHING. I so want adam just to take the stinkin thing to the shelter. I know she'll get adopted very quickly. Anyways, I will leave ya'll with a pic of Allys First bath with the rubber ducky.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our First Halloween

I feel the need to use orange font for this one! Our church had their "Harvest Party" a week before halloween and we took ally. She was a little Kitty Cat! I painted her nose pink and drew whiskers. By the time nama and gpa were ready to leave, she was tired of people up in her face so we sent her home with them so we could stay and hang out with friends. My mom couldnt get the pink paint completely off of her nose so the next day at church her nose was red :(

This is my friend Terrina and my husband inside the bubble. The kids all loved this booth! I dont know how I managed to snap a pic at just the right time considering it was like milliseconds before the bubble popped after it topped someones head.

New Pictures!

My little girl is getting so big! She still is notorious for her big bows! Today I went to get up with her during church and was loaded down with her, diaper bag, purse (adam hates it when I leave my purse and he has to carry out my animal print and lime green purse lol) and her in the other arm. Guess what happened! Yep, the bows fell off of her head, so I had to bend down, which wasnt easy considering my arms were loaded down.

This is one of the many bows I purchased at Fall-A-Days. Isnt it ADORABLE?

This is the outfit she wore home from the hospital. It was sooo huge on her and now its getting a little tight. She couldnt even wear the hat because it covered her whole face!

She sleeps like her mommy AND daddy! Daddy always has a pillow in between his knees and mommy is always all over the bed in every which direction!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Guitar Hero Date Night

My friend Terrina moved back to town (from arkansas) and Adam and I are loving having people to hang out with. Tonight we started our date night by eating at Kbobs and then finished with guitar hero. They had never played before so we looked like pros. lol
Terrina said she needed to stand for her "groove"
Ally is not a pro yet but she's working on it.
Ally sucks her thumb sooo cute! She covers her whole face. lol. Look at those cute little legs!

Had to share my awesome new frame. Top is ally and her teddy bear, middle is adam and I pooching out our bellys like 2 days before I had ally and bottom is adam and I at the lake.

Ally loves her boppy tummy time!

What a Poser. In a good way>


On Oct. 20th it was our 1 year anniversary. So as the tradition goes, we pulled our cake top out of the freezer and ate it. I must say that the sparkling grape juice tasted MUCH better than the yucky year old dry cake. I love beverle cake but not so much when its been frozen for a year. My husband had to work late that night, and even though, technically we celebrated the friday before by dinner at JB's I was upset and pouting so he did the whole candlelight dinner. (candle from the bathroom-what a dork!) But I love him so much even if it was the toilet candle it was still romantic!

Who woulda thought we would have a
baby to celebrate with on our 1ST

Fall-A-Days (AKA BOW-stravaganza)

Last weekend we went to Fall-A-Days and I knew from past years that there are ALWAYS homeade bows. I LOVE bows and Ally is known for her trademark humongous bows. This is just one of the 10 bows I bought at fall-a-days (more pics to come of her bows as she wears them). I call this her Fall bow.