Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shots are Sad

Well, Ally turned 4 months old on Monday, which means its shot time again! We went this morning and got her shots, which led to me calling Adam and saying "you are taking her from now on!" She cried, and would stop for a bit, and start screaming again. Luckily, the doc upped her tylenol dosage as well so I was able to give her more tylenol to knock her out. She is supposed to go to the Chiropractor this afternoon for her adjustment, but I dont see that happening. I will probably just have to cancel her appointment for this week. I had a tupperware party monday night, which as all know, it snowed monday night, so nobody showed up. Big bummer. Anyways, the Rodgers family is just trying to get ready for Christmas. We just got Ally a few things for under the tree, and my mom and dad bought her exersaucer and highchair, and probably some other things. It's not like shes going to remember if we got her something or not. But we did. lol. Anyways, just a little update on life.

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emmafudd said...

Shots ARE sad! Poor Ally! I think Dad's should have to take them every-other time, at least!