Wednesday, February 24, 2010


All of you who have been to my house, Im sure remember my betty boop kitchen. (Or adams betty boop kitchen I guess I should say. Well, for a while I have been SICK of it, and wanted an adult kitchen. For Christmas, I got a side by side refrigerator, so I thought it was time to renovate and become an adult since I had an adult fridge. We had our walls painted black and red, cabinets black and red, tile backsplash black and red, so I knew this was going to be a job. Our best friends helped us and we got it done in a decent time though. Everything required 2+ coats of primer before we could even begin :S. I didnt take BEFORE pics, but I did get during pics that show what we were dealing with.

After we FINALLY got all the paint scaped off the tile and grout (this was the hardest part)

Allys a big helper

TADA: We got all new hardware, light fixtures, wood blinds, its amazing what a little paint can do!!!!

BEHOLD my grown up kitchen!!! I love it!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, I woke up on feb 9th, to completely numb and asleep feet. They have not woken up since and it has spread to my hands now, off and on. It started on a tuesday and finally on thurs. night I called an RN and she said I should probably get to the ER. Of course, woodward ER sent me home after giving me a diabetes test (not diabetic) and told me to follow up with my doc. So Friday I called Steve Madrid and made an appointment. He came in and said both feet and calves are completely asleep and woodward didnt even do AN XRAY?! WHY? I said, lol why do you think? its woodward. So first step was to send me back for back x ray and blood test. He said my thyroid had a lump and was swollen so we were really crossing our fingers that it was jsut a thyroid problem, whcih is a cause of neuropathy, but it wasnt. So, then he booked and ultrasound for my thyroid to find out why the lump. After my hands started getting weak I called and set up an appt. for this last friday. He said it was sounding like MS and fitting it perfectly, I started crying and he calmed me down, saying if they catch it early it is perfectly treatable and stuff. And of course he said, "im not saying it IS" Im just saying it could be. He said I really needd an MRI but to get my insurance to approve an MRI we have to go through ALL the motions first. So he sent me from there to buffalo for 2 cat scans. 1 with IV contrast and 1 without. Anyway, hopefully will hear something today, he didnt expect anything to show up on the ct scans. I go thursday for my ultrasound on my thyroid and so we'll go from there. All I know is that my feet are still numb, and have never woken up. It is the weirdes feeling in the world, considering I feel fine everywhere else!!!! Anyways, just thought I would update a little on whats been going on.