Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Meal

Sorry this is a horrible picture once its uploaded off adams blackberry and saved to the computer. But incase you cant tell, this is Allys 1st ever happy meal! She has been eating chicken for a while now so the other night I thought "we should get her a happy meal" Anyway, she is biting the chicken and smiling for the camera (she's quite the ham these days). She is the flowergirl THIS saturday and we're standing alone, but not quite walking. Hopefully this week she will master it though.
Anyways, Im super stressed out right now, so if you'll just say a little prayer. Our mortgage has increased 122.00 a month due to an increase in insurance cost vs. escrow shortage (lovely I know). But its due to our super horrible credit these last 2 years. I am happy to say that I paid OFF 2 credit cards today but I have SoOOOOO many more to go. I love how when you tell the creditors "I dont have the money" they assume you do because so many people who live in fancy houses and drive brand new cars DONT pay their credit cards and so they assume that I drive a nice car and live in a fancy house-which if you know me-know thats so not the case. so, when I say "I dont have money," that means I truly dont. That doesnt mean I dont have money in this account but have 10,000 stashed in another. that means Zilch. Anyways, things will work out, they always do. I just wish we could take back the past.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watch out world!

Ally has decided that she wants to climb before she walks! She climbs on EVERYTHING. the couch, the chairs, table, steering wheel! YES I said steering wheel! Last night while her daddy was working on the car she decided she would drive and climb! It was funny because everything Adam would turn the AC on in the car (he was working on that) she would reach over and turn it right back off. Anyway, here are some pics.
And in other news, Koris wedding is less than 2 weeks away, Ally is the flowergirl and she is still NOT walking. Hmm... time for creative ideas. (either to GET her to walk, or how to get her down the isle and still "throw" flowers) Anyway, Im sure Luke would LOVE to pull her down in a wagon, but Im afraid he might like it a little too much and throw her out the back. I started watching another girl name Alexus 4 days a week. The first day was pretty hectic but after I got some crafts and stuff and a schedule for us they've gotten better. Anyway, were heading to pick up a swing set tonight and then probably out to mom and dads for my dad to work on AC in the car, or check to make sure we need a new motor before we get one.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Perfect Toy Box(es)

I have been trying to come up with a better toy storage idea for a while now. Regular toyboxes are sooo expensive and HARD to find. I have my toybox from when I was little, but it fell on me many times so I want to wait until she is way older. Plus its huge! So I had been using one of those 3 drawer plastic things for a while now. Today while walking through walmart I saw the perfect thing! She can get to her toys all by herself now. And they are perfect colors! (Pink purple and green. I had my flash off on my camera)
I also saved all my barbie stuff from when I was little. Adam came across my old camper and thought ally would have a blast walking around with it since its hooked to a truck. Instead. . . . she just likes sitting IN it and playing barbies!

Ally is ELEVEN months old today! I CANNOT believe how the time has flown. I am a HORRIBLE picture person and we've only had a few pictures done of her (professionally) so my goal for august is to get 1 year pics done. I promise all you guys I WILL! Anyway, I had to lock her in her crib so I could post so I better let her know shes not in trouble. (Even though shes playing happily. she loves the keyboard and its impossible to blog or check email or bank or pay bills or anything for that matter. lol)--wouldnt know what to do without her though ;)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

ufc sat night

Let me start off by saying ufc fighting is the dumbest thing to watch ever!!! Our plan for today was to get all prepared for our garage sale next weekend. Adam worked until noon and I had auxiliary and then a baby shower.I then went and bought my outfit for koris wedding went home and had to give a haircutm after that we finally started on garage sale stuff... For about 10 minutes and then.his old buddies called to come hang out and watch ufc. Anyway... My whole family is coming over tomorrow and my house is a disaster. Its going to be a long night!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party plans. . . . .

Well, I havent updated in a while. Not a whole lot going on in our lives. We are loners trying to get used to hanging out well, with ourselves and since we're not that exciting of people theres really nothing to post about. No get togethers, nothing. . I really dont understand whats changed, I guess people just move on. Doesnt seem fair though.

IN other news, I have made a huge step towards Ally's 1st bday party today. I have been stirring all kinds of plans in my head. *drumroll please* we rented the boiling springs pool for Aug. 16th (its the only date they had open, Aug 15 was open for LATE). 5:15-7:15. Anywho, cookout and cake and presents. I ordered her plates and decorations today. They're going to be sooo cute. She has been battling an ear infection for a few weeks. We went to the ER because it was so bad she was just screaming. Then she had an allergic reaction to the medicine so we went back 2 days later and I dont think the new antibiotic worked.

Anyway, my 1st paragraph was whining a little, but I've prayed about it for a while now, and just needed to get my feelings out on "paper". I have enough internal stress in my life, financial and everything else that I dont need this brewing.