Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watch out world!

Ally has decided that she wants to climb before she walks! She climbs on EVERYTHING. the couch, the chairs, table, steering wheel! YES I said steering wheel! Last night while her daddy was working on the car she decided she would drive and climb! It was funny because everything Adam would turn the AC on in the car (he was working on that) she would reach over and turn it right back off. Anyway, here are some pics.
And in other news, Koris wedding is less than 2 weeks away, Ally is the flowergirl and she is still NOT walking. Hmm... time for creative ideas. (either to GET her to walk, or how to get her down the isle and still "throw" flowers) Anyway, Im sure Luke would LOVE to pull her down in a wagon, but Im afraid he might like it a little too much and throw her out the back. I started watching another girl name Alexus 4 days a week. The first day was pretty hectic but after I got some crafts and stuff and a schedule for us they've gotten better. Anyway, were heading to pick up a swing set tonight and then probably out to mom and dads for my dad to work on AC in the car, or check to make sure we need a new motor before we get one.

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emmafudd said...

decorate a stroller & have someone push her down the aisle. i think that'd be ADORABLE!
tell miss ally not to become an expert at falling...seems to come with being an expert at climbing.