Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been awhile.

It's been a while since I've posted anything but a lot has happened. Ally turned 1 and we had a great birthday party. A very HECTIC birthday party. I have decided next year, we are having cake at my house and just inviting mom and dad. (yeah right like that will happen). Anyways, it was a hectic time with like 50 people swimming and trying to round everyone up to eat and cake and ice cream and all that good stuff. I have pictures, but they're on my regular camera, not digital. I am pretty sure its like a blogging "sin" to post without ANY pictures but this one isnt going to have any.

In other news, Sarah (chiropractor) is getting a new allergy machine, its supposed to diagnose allergies and "fix" them somehow (no clue-havent seen it in action to make a believer out of me) Anyway, she was kind of venting in the nursery sunday how people are quitting and all that, and so she just asked if I would be interested in running her new allergy machine. I thought it sounded really cool. So Im pretty excited. Its not a full time deal, from what I understand it will just be when she has an allergy patient or something like that. I will be able to take ally with me, and hopefully she will stay in the playroom with the babysitter :S. Also, grandmas hair lady that owns family hare center (by the post office) is having surgery sometime and so I am going for about 8 weeks to run her shop while she recovers. I dont know when she's having surgery or anything yet.

So there has been quite a bit of news, for me anyway. I am still keeping Lexus in the midst of all that other mess too. Outta be interesting if it all works out as planned. Well I hear ally awake in her crib.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Trip

FIRST! Let me just say, Ally is offically walking! She had been taking like 2 steps then falling, last night she was like running all around our living room. This past weekend mom, dad, adam, ally and I went to Great Bend, KS for a family reunion. We went the day before so we could visit their extremely awesome waterpark (city park waterpark just like ours-more to come!) This is Ally in the hotel room before we left. She is seriously the most cheezin baby I've ever seen. This is THEIR waterpark! Let me just say, Woodwards prices are ridiculous! As you can see, their "center" thing is 100 times cooler than ours. it has slides and all kinds of "water sprinkler thingys" all over! the bucket on top is about 10 times bigger than ours as well. Now, dont get me wrong, we had lots of fun at woodwards, but heres what Im stressin! In woodward, Ally cost us 4.00 to get in, and adults are 5.00 which I thought was RIDICULOUS to begin with. We get to great bend and ally is FREE and we are 4.00. FOR like 10 times the fun and size.
This is the other side of the park which is just a huge pool with like lily pads bolted to the bottom of the pool and there are 4 more slides going into this pool. When you first walk into the aquatic center, there is a place for waterwars. you can go in and theres this contraption set up to catapault waterballoons and stuff. Its really an awesome place, so if you're ever in great bend (HAHA) check out the wetlands aquatic center (they also have a free zoo you can walk through)

We had some good shopping (I went to my first Goodwill store. didnt find much though) and had a good time. Here's Ally and daddy walking through the hotels holidome when we were fixing to check out.

Ally is turning 1 on Sat. and I cannont believe it! The forecast is calling for storms sunday so we'll see if we end up having the pool party.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cutest Little Flowergirl

Jamie-I stole your title because I thought it was great-lol
Anyway, Saturday was the BIG day. Friday night was rehearsal (I didnt get any pictures of it though,) I got a call from kelly Fri. afternoon saying "the bow is UGLY" REWIND-Kori thought the biggest part of her flowergirl was the bow. so back when she was really getting things ready I told her where I got allys bows (sugar bella designs- 18th st). When we got to the rehearsal dinner, and I saw the bow it looked like something you would put on the pews, or on a christmas tree, not on a babys head! So finally I asked, "Where did you get this bow?" -It was so not jennifer quality! So she said "ummm 9th st" OMGosh thats the wrong place! So Kori and I ran real quick (Made rehearsal dinner run late) to get jennifer to make a pretty bow! She did it Fri. night and it all worked out great. After a LONG Friday night, I woke up at the crack of dawn, we got ally in the bath. Here she is cheezin it (already!) We all got around so early saturday morning that ally needed a nap around 10. We put her down, and finally around 1130 we heard her quit talking-we had to leave at noon. lovely! Here she is after just waking up to the nursery (kori's dressing room)

Ally and all the girls (at this point, she was not cooperating very well at alL!)
Luke and ally. by now she was cheezin at every camera there was!~

Ally and the newlyweds-Kori and Trevor-right after the I Do's
All in all it went really well. Ally stopped while walking down the isle, whoever had a camera, she stopped and posed. she's such a ham!
OH and satuday (after the wedding of course) she took like 7 steps in a row on my moms porch!