Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My surgery is scheduled for one week from today! I still dont know what time, they are supposed to call me by Friday to let me know what time to be there and all that jazz. Im getting nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. Im nervous about how I will fare with the clear liquid diet the day before and then the liquid diet for 2 weeks after. The good thing about 2 weeks after is that I wont be hungry and wont want to eat, but it will still be a mental struggle. I got word today that all my pre op labs came back good, which was great news! I dont' have to refill my rx vitamin d and am good to just take over the counter vitamin d. I have been stocking up on all my "goods". I have: my "old lady" pill dispenser to put my vitamins in (15 a day for the rest of my life, Im going to need some way of keeping track when I take which ones)-my hibaclens that I need to wash with for 2 days before surgery to kill bacteria, gas x strips (painful horrible gas is the guarenteed side effect right after surgery thanks to all the gas they blow you up with), miralax (for consipation) chewable vitamins, and my special camelback water bottle. Anyway, I think the plan so far is to go down to the city the day before and just spend some family time together, maybe go to the zoo and shop a little. My mom is going to take care of ally until we get home from the hospital, and I am planning on at least 2 weeks off work, although I will probably come in during the evenings and do invoices and stuff that needs to be done. Excited to think that in 6 months from now I will be skinny!~