Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, I did get my new digital camera-and planned on posting a bunch of pics-but my computer is acting up, so I will probably have to catch up later on that. I got them uploaded to my computer but am having trouble uploading to the internet. We had a great Christmas, and were very spoiled this year.Adam and I got a Playstation 3 for the first part of our christmas. Then I got a new car :) yay! Then I also got my digital camera, which I had just decided to do without because of the new car, but ended up able to get it! Now, the thing is, I HAD to get a new car. I wanted one for sure, but when 1 dealership tells you 'this car is UNSAFE!' and another one tells you "honey Im afraid you're not going to make it home in this"-its time. So anyway, I got a 2009 malibu LT. LOVE IT. It has the sunroof and remote start, and just about everything it can have in it. Onstar and us have gone round and round. too confusing for me. haha. Anyways, Ally has been very spoiled this year as well. She opened basically everyones presents that were sitting under the treee. The ones she didnt OPEN, she drew all over, so our gifts were very personalized this year. With mom and dad being separated it was really weird, but we just gotta deal. Anyways, dads coming over tomorrow and Im cooking a lunch-ham, stuffing, potatoes, the works. Thought I would update with pictures, but was wrong :( next time!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Im thinking this may be my last post. . . last pictureless post that is. I am going to break down and buy a new digital camera, I think. I have one, its a dinosaur. It doesnt print good pictures and its a process to download onto the computer, which is why I dont ever put new pics up of ally. Anyway, I have the one picked out that I want for christmas, so adam and I are going to get it for the both of us. He's getting a PS3 . My mom asked what to get him for his birthday and I told her to just get him Grand Theft Auto for the PS3. SOOOO Im kind of excited to be able to play guitar hero again, myself. Adam tried "fixing" our playstation 2 and broke it, so we've been without for a while. Adam is helping daniel and jessica move into their new house. Looking at it when they first bought it, I would never guess it would be liveable, let alone gorgeous! Anyway, work is going good. Im starting to build up a clientele again, which is good. Everytime I get down and think "I 'll never be as busy as them" I remind myself of debbies words "we've all paid our dues of sitting in the back waiting on something to walk in the door. . . ." its really a patience business. Thats why most people that have been stylists at one time, are not anymore. Takes a LONG time to get built up. Anyway, ready for thanksgiving, I guess. Hoping to get to see new moon tonight.
Ally is 15 months old now! Weighs 21 14 and is 32.5 inches long. dr. says shes just gonna be tall and skinny. OK by me!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, debbie had her surgery last monday, so I've been running the shop for a week now. It's been nice to be soo busy that the day just zooms by. We had a horrible weekend. I knew it would be busy weekend. I had to work saturday, until 2 (jessicas baby shower) then come back and do a lowlight, and make it back to triniti and gracies bday party at 530, then christmas play practice at 6. Sunday morning, our phones started ringing at 5 am, but somehow we slept through them, finally at 7 I heard mine, went to the kitchen to find we had missed somewhere around 10 calls/txts. I knew something was wrong. I called my dad back, and he said that Jessica (whose shower was sat. afternoon) hadnt felt addy move so they went to shattuck around 5 am (hence the first message we missed from daniel her hubby) and that addy had died. I immediately started bawling, thinking of daniel and jessica, our bestest buds who we just celebrated the shower with and were going to bring addy home in 2 weeks. My dad had passed them on their way TO shattuck, and grandpa met them up at the hospital and they had called me to be there for jessica since daniel had his "support" and we slept through the call. I cant believe it. I feel so horrible. They sent jess home to wait and deliver addy on wed. when her parents can be here from california, so we went to their house bright and early. There are no words to say to someone in this situation, even if u planned on your daughters "addy and ally" being good friends and growing up, what do you say but I love you?! Anyway, its been rough for me, being a mom and having carried a baby and knowing the closeness and knowing You're "safe" so close to the end, but its sooo not the case. This is the 4th baby we've lost like this in our church in 3 years. Daniel and jess had miscarried previously around 4 years ago at 9 wks, but there is no comparison (in my view) of having a nursery ready for a baby to come home to in 2 weeks and wham!. The whole church family was just shocked yesterday and it was a very teary service. Anyway, they will deliver addison june on wed. and if there is no obvious cause of death, they will most likely send her off to find out, so just keep them in your prayers. One thing that she did say at the hospital was "we got through the first one, we'll get through this too" so they are definetly being more positive than those without the hope of heaven would be.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Delivery

Well, adam and I's 2nd anniversary is this Tuesday (Cant believe it!) and as usual, we planned on going to Jbs and my mom would keep ally. Well she had plans already for tuesday so we were left with the option of going last night (Ally is still contagious from H1N1 until wed. if she doesnt run another fever so we cant take her to anyone else) So at work yesterday Debbie yells "miranda you got flowers"-I about passed out because adam is not that type-never got flowers before from him! So yeah, he suprised me big time with flowers at the shop. Anyway, we went and ate at JBS then decided to go to FallADays. Adam has this thing with carrying around my whole keychain in his pocket, so he either takes the clicker off the rest of the keys, or gives the whole wad to me to carry in my purse. He decided to give it to me. Well, I have been pretty braindead these last few days. So I opened up my door, locked the car (while sittin in the car mind you) and last minute decision "Im just going to put money in my pocket so I dont have to carry my purse"-Yep, you guessed it, left purse of floorboard got out and shut the door of the locked car-with the keys on the floorboard :S. So we had 2 options, use a hanger or something feed through the sunroof and hit the unlock button on the inside (which of course, would set the alarm off in the process) or pray my dad still has that extra key. So we called them, and they set off coming back to town. Got to the expo and luckily he did have the extra key. Of course I caught ALL kinds of crap for this little episode. Adam is all the time making fun of me for leaving my sunroof cracked open, and like I told him-it would have saved us big bucks instead of calling the locksmith!
  • Anyway, Ally has been sick for over 2 weeks now, took her to the ER like the 2nd day of fever and they said she had the flu. they said she should only be getting better not worse.
By day 6 she still had fever of 101.6 so called back to ER, they didnt help so I called shattuck and they said the same thing, h1n1, nothing to do but fight fever. I really was beginning to think it would never end, but finally the fever did, only to remember the words of doc. "still contagious for 7 days after last fever"-my mom read online 7 days after last cough. . . :S Im going with the fever thing. So we've been stuck in the house or at my moms house for sooooo long.
I am still loving my new shop. Been way busier than ever! Its nice to have like 5-10 walkins a day! Im here by myself all day today. Gonna be boring unless they start walkin in!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Long time coming....

Well, I am finally posting from my laptop at my shop. I say finally because its been a long time coming. Debbie has wifi, and her security system runs through that, so she has her WIFI locked so nobody can use her connection, because it slows down the alarm system here at the shop if a bunch of computers are using her connection (the system is wireless as well)-well, since I have a lot of sittin time just starting out again, I thought I would bring my laptop up here and type in the passkey for her internet, no big deal! YA right. I worked for like 3 hours sat. trying to figure it out and finally today I got into deb's computer and just disabled her wifi security while Im here. When I leave I will just enable it agian. So needless to say, its really nice being able to check facebook and all that jazz when there's nothing else to do.
Im still loving my job. I had a VERY busy week last week, and so far things arent looking too busy this week. On saturday adam and I drove to pampa, tx to visit his mom, whose been in the hospital going on 4 weeks. I am very happy to say that all my financial stress is being worked out, and right now, I dont really have any. (for the first time in at least 3 years!) I swallowed my pride and am letting my mom help me budget and get everything straightened out. So basically, now all my stress is my moms stress. She deals with the creditors and stuff better than me, since she did that for a living working at Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Anyway, things are looking up, I cant believe I let it go sooo long. I just was scared to tell her.
Ally is still loving going with angela and the boys. she hardly even looks back when I drop her off :(. Thats about all I have to update on for now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

workin girl...

I have started doing hair again-part time. I'm working mon. Tues. Fri. Sat. I'm loving it. I'm in an awesome shop environment and its just working out really well. Angela is keeping ally up at the framing ally and ally just loves staying with her! Anyway, I'm doing hair, waxing, pedicures and manicures so give me a holler!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been awhile.

It's been a while since I've posted anything but a lot has happened. Ally turned 1 and we had a great birthday party. A very HECTIC birthday party. I have decided next year, we are having cake at my house and just inviting mom and dad. (yeah right like that will happen). Anyways, it was a hectic time with like 50 people swimming and trying to round everyone up to eat and cake and ice cream and all that good stuff. I have pictures, but they're on my regular camera, not digital. I am pretty sure its like a blogging "sin" to post without ANY pictures but this one isnt going to have any.

In other news, Sarah (chiropractor) is getting a new allergy machine, its supposed to diagnose allergies and "fix" them somehow (no clue-havent seen it in action to make a believer out of me) Anyway, she was kind of venting in the nursery sunday how people are quitting and all that, and so she just asked if I would be interested in running her new allergy machine. I thought it sounded really cool. So Im pretty excited. Its not a full time deal, from what I understand it will just be when she has an allergy patient or something like that. I will be able to take ally with me, and hopefully she will stay in the playroom with the babysitter :S. Also, grandmas hair lady that owns family hare center (by the post office) is having surgery sometime and so I am going for about 8 weeks to run her shop while she recovers. I dont know when she's having surgery or anything yet.

So there has been quite a bit of news, for me anyway. I am still keeping Lexus in the midst of all that other mess too. Outta be interesting if it all works out as planned. Well I hear ally awake in her crib.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Trip

FIRST! Let me just say, Ally is offically walking! She had been taking like 2 steps then falling, last night she was like running all around our living room. This past weekend mom, dad, adam, ally and I went to Great Bend, KS for a family reunion. We went the day before so we could visit their extremely awesome waterpark (city park waterpark just like ours-more to come!) This is Ally in the hotel room before we left. She is seriously the most cheezin baby I've ever seen. This is THEIR waterpark! Let me just say, Woodwards prices are ridiculous! As you can see, their "center" thing is 100 times cooler than ours. it has slides and all kinds of "water sprinkler thingys" all over! the bucket on top is about 10 times bigger than ours as well. Now, dont get me wrong, we had lots of fun at woodwards, but heres what Im stressin! In woodward, Ally cost us 4.00 to get in, and adults are 5.00 which I thought was RIDICULOUS to begin with. We get to great bend and ally is FREE and we are 4.00. FOR like 10 times the fun and size.
This is the other side of the park which is just a huge pool with like lily pads bolted to the bottom of the pool and there are 4 more slides going into this pool. When you first walk into the aquatic center, there is a place for waterwars. you can go in and theres this contraption set up to catapault waterballoons and stuff. Its really an awesome place, so if you're ever in great bend (HAHA) check out the wetlands aquatic center (they also have a free zoo you can walk through)

We had some good shopping (I went to my first Goodwill store. didnt find much though) and had a good time. Here's Ally and daddy walking through the hotels holidome when we were fixing to check out.

Ally is turning 1 on Sat. and I cannont believe it! The forecast is calling for storms sunday so we'll see if we end up having the pool party.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cutest Little Flowergirl

Jamie-I stole your title because I thought it was great-lol
Anyway, Saturday was the BIG day. Friday night was rehearsal (I didnt get any pictures of it though,) I got a call from kelly Fri. afternoon saying "the bow is UGLY" REWIND-Kori thought the biggest part of her flowergirl was the bow. so back when she was really getting things ready I told her where I got allys bows (sugar bella designs- 18th st). When we got to the rehearsal dinner, and I saw the bow it looked like something you would put on the pews, or on a christmas tree, not on a babys head! So finally I asked, "Where did you get this bow?" -It was so not jennifer quality! So she said "ummm 9th st" OMGosh thats the wrong place! So Kori and I ran real quick (Made rehearsal dinner run late) to get jennifer to make a pretty bow! She did it Fri. night and it all worked out great. After a LONG Friday night, I woke up at the crack of dawn, we got ally in the bath. Here she is cheezin it (already!) We all got around so early saturday morning that ally needed a nap around 10. We put her down, and finally around 1130 we heard her quit talking-we had to leave at noon. lovely! Here she is after just waking up to the nursery (kori's dressing room)

Ally and all the girls (at this point, she was not cooperating very well at alL!)
Luke and ally. by now she was cheezin at every camera there was!~

Ally and the newlyweds-Kori and Trevor-right after the I Do's
All in all it went really well. Ally stopped while walking down the isle, whoever had a camera, she stopped and posed. she's such a ham!
OH and satuday (after the wedding of course) she took like 7 steps in a row on my moms porch!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Meal

Sorry this is a horrible picture once its uploaded off adams blackberry and saved to the computer. But incase you cant tell, this is Allys 1st ever happy meal! She has been eating chicken for a while now so the other night I thought "we should get her a happy meal" Anyway, she is biting the chicken and smiling for the camera (she's quite the ham these days). She is the flowergirl THIS saturday and we're standing alone, but not quite walking. Hopefully this week she will master it though.
Anyways, Im super stressed out right now, so if you'll just say a little prayer. Our mortgage has increased 122.00 a month due to an increase in insurance cost vs. escrow shortage (lovely I know). But its due to our super horrible credit these last 2 years. I am happy to say that I paid OFF 2 credit cards today but I have SoOOOOO many more to go. I love how when you tell the creditors "I dont have the money" they assume you do because so many people who live in fancy houses and drive brand new cars DONT pay their credit cards and so they assume that I drive a nice car and live in a fancy house-which if you know me-know thats so not the case. so, when I say "I dont have money," that means I truly dont. That doesnt mean I dont have money in this account but have 10,000 stashed in another. that means Zilch. Anyways, things will work out, they always do. I just wish we could take back the past.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watch out world!

Ally has decided that she wants to climb before she walks! She climbs on EVERYTHING. the couch, the chairs, table, steering wheel! YES I said steering wheel! Last night while her daddy was working on the car she decided she would drive and climb! It was funny because everything Adam would turn the AC on in the car (he was working on that) she would reach over and turn it right back off. Anyway, here are some pics.
And in other news, Koris wedding is less than 2 weeks away, Ally is the flowergirl and she is still NOT walking. Hmm... time for creative ideas. (either to GET her to walk, or how to get her down the isle and still "throw" flowers) Anyway, Im sure Luke would LOVE to pull her down in a wagon, but Im afraid he might like it a little too much and throw her out the back. I started watching another girl name Alexus 4 days a week. The first day was pretty hectic but after I got some crafts and stuff and a schedule for us they've gotten better. Anyway, were heading to pick up a swing set tonight and then probably out to mom and dads for my dad to work on AC in the car, or check to make sure we need a new motor before we get one.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Perfect Toy Box(es)

I have been trying to come up with a better toy storage idea for a while now. Regular toyboxes are sooo expensive and HARD to find. I have my toybox from when I was little, but it fell on me many times so I want to wait until she is way older. Plus its huge! So I had been using one of those 3 drawer plastic things for a while now. Today while walking through walmart I saw the perfect thing! She can get to her toys all by herself now. And they are perfect colors! (Pink purple and green. I had my flash off on my camera)
I also saved all my barbie stuff from when I was little. Adam came across my old camper and thought ally would have a blast walking around with it since its hooked to a truck. Instead. . . . she just likes sitting IN it and playing barbies!

Ally is ELEVEN months old today! I CANNOT believe how the time has flown. I am a HORRIBLE picture person and we've only had a few pictures done of her (professionally) so my goal for august is to get 1 year pics done. I promise all you guys I WILL! Anyway, I had to lock her in her crib so I could post so I better let her know shes not in trouble. (Even though shes playing happily. she loves the keyboard and its impossible to blog or check email or bank or pay bills or anything for that matter. lol)--wouldnt know what to do without her though ;)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

ufc sat night

Let me start off by saying ufc fighting is the dumbest thing to watch ever!!! Our plan for today was to get all prepared for our garage sale next weekend. Adam worked until noon and I had auxiliary and then a baby shower.I then went and bought my outfit for koris wedding went home and had to give a haircutm after that we finally started on garage sale stuff... For about 10 minutes and then.his old buddies called to come hang out and watch ufc. Anyway... My whole family is coming over tomorrow and my house is a disaster. Its going to be a long night!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party plans. . . . .

Well, I havent updated in a while. Not a whole lot going on in our lives. We are loners trying to get used to hanging out well, with ourselves and since we're not that exciting of people theres really nothing to post about. No get togethers, nothing. . I really dont understand whats changed, I guess people just move on. Doesnt seem fair though.

IN other news, I have made a huge step towards Ally's 1st bday party today. I have been stirring all kinds of plans in my head. *drumroll please* we rented the boiling springs pool for Aug. 16th (its the only date they had open, Aug 15 was open for LATE). 5:15-7:15. Anywho, cookout and cake and presents. I ordered her plates and decorations today. They're going to be sooo cute. She has been battling an ear infection for a few weeks. We went to the ER because it was so bad she was just screaming. Then she had an allergic reaction to the medicine so we went back 2 days later and I dont think the new antibiotic worked.

Anyway, my 1st paragraph was whining a little, but I've prayed about it for a while now, and just needed to get my feelings out on "paper". I have enough internal stress in my life, financial and everything else that I dont need this brewing.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Im tired of drama!
Im tired of inconsiderate people!
Im tired of hurt feelings!
But Im bigger than that!


Pizza Party

Ally and I had a great week at camp! We started off with a scare of having guymon girls in the cabin with us (no offense to guymon at all, I just knew it would be harder to keep Ally asleep at night with noise!), and ended up having only woodward girls, which included only 5! So Angela, Blayze, Ally and I plus the girls had a great cabin! The girls got loud a couple of times, but never woke Ally up, so they did great. Ally slept all night every night except last night, so she did awesome as well. I never got to set through a whole worship service though, because if you dont know Ally, she is very LOUD. What can I do at this age? Nothing-. Our cabin was part of a 3 way tie for best cabin, so we got a pizza party last night. Got home this morning around 1050 completely exhausted from staying up until 2 and waking up at 630 most nights. Slept from 11-2 and then 345-545. I could have easily slept through the evening, but Ally-not so much. The swimming pool was down at camp, which was a major bummer. I am going to clean house tomorrow because its my week to cook for my entire family Sunday lunch. hooray

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, we are busy packing around this house. Ally and I are off to kids camp for the week. It ought to be interesting considering she will probably not sleep nor take naps all week. I used to think I packed heavy with just me and Ive more than doubled that-diapers, wipes, pack n play, twice the clothes, pjs, towels and not to mention toys. The lady who is bunking in with us is bringing her 3 year old son, and weve discussed how our cabin is sure to look like a daycare. Well I will not be blogging or checking blogs at all next week. I will leave you with a picture of Ally eating her first oreo-Im sure that some moms reading this just stroked out that I fed my 9 month old an oreo- however, I dont believe that ONE oreo is going to make her die, or be obese. Until I decide to give up the habit myself, I will not be a hypocrite and not allow my child to eat them while I sit and endulge. Anyways, thats enough for today.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Such a Big Girl

Ally is getting to be such a BIG girl! I cant believe how fast shes growing! She is over 9 months old now! (The 9 months she's been here have gone WAY faster than the 9 we waited for her to arrive!) She was being VERY ornery while we were trying to get these pics! Daddy was taking her to church with him all by themselves while mommy stayed home and cooked for the family.
No clue what this face is about . . .

Planting Flowers

This year I have been REALLY trying to make our yard look nice, so adam and I bought some flowers to plant around our tree. They sat on the porch for like 2 weeks but we finally decided to plant them. Ally was a big help!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

errrrrccchhh. . . .

Well Jame, Luke, Ally and I came to Catoosa to stay with her parents for the weekend. We borrowed the church suburban, because jamies car is small and our yukon is piece! We drove all the way here, got to her moms house and when we went to leave for dinner (which they eat EARLY!) the sub. started making weird crunching noises. I drove to enid because I hate tulsa and then jamie ended up driving us in. However I did drive around tulsa tonight (I think we were in tulsa- - - who knows!) hence the ERRRCCCHH. We ate at this amazing mexican restaurant called la mansion. Jamie had said playa azul was better so I wasnt expecting much, omgosh it was the best mexican food Ive ever had! We went to babies r us and mardel tonight . the way they talk the BIG shopping extravaganza happens tomorrow night. Ally took FOREVER to get to sleep tonight. We're both sleeping in a full size bed-ought to be interesting considering I usually have 3 inches in a queen size bed with her. Anyway, the computer is in my room so thats why Im posting about nothing - with no pictures. Boredom, but I dont dare open the door and go out and wake up ally.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My daredevil

I am trying to figure out if its a good thing or a bad thing that Ally is so brave! She seriously is not scared of ANYTHING! (besides the nursery lately-I think Ally's the 1st baby to get kicked out of the nursery!) ANYWAY- the othe day I was in my "office" and hadnt heard anything from her for a while so I walked in the living room to find. . . . .

She absolutely loves the buckle on her car seat and she was in the car seat (which was upside down) playing with the buckle. Then she proceeds to stand whcih, short side (where her bottom goes) of course wants to flip over right side up-luckily momma was there to grab her before this happened though!

we LOVE the park

Ally LOVES to swing-she is a brave little booger! She swings just as high as Luke and hes 3! This is at the park in Shattuck when Jamie and I went over there for the day with my grandma and grandpa/

Allys new bike

My mom has a steering wheel in her office that ally absolutely loved. We searched all around for just a plain jane steering wheel and all we could find was this $50 toy-- but she loves it so its worth it. SUPPOSEDLY the steering wheel part is for 6+ months, the rocker is for 9+ months and the rolling bike is for like 18+ months-But ally is already wheeling around! The only problem is-she wants to stand up on her bike and lean over the steering wheel and look at the ground in front of her!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter

We had a great first Easter with Ally! Saturday night our church had an easter carnival. Of course we spent ALL day saturday setting up for it, so by sat. night ally was in no mood to have fun. Still, we got to hunt easter eggs with her-she picked up a couple!- and we had 2 different Moon Jumps so Ally got to have some time in there as well. Daddy and her were alone in it during the story time so she got to crawl around and bounce. Anyway, here are a few pics of Ally in her easter dress. She looked like a princess!

Monday, April 6, 2009

On the downhill slide. . .

Well, we bought ally a stroller to walk behind and she absolutely loves it. Wait-REWIND. Last week adam and I wanted to go 4 wheeling on Friday when it had started blizzarding (word? I dont know!) so we called up our dear friends daniel and Jamie to keep Ally.
When we picked Ally up, she had a bruise down the side of her face-thats beside the point now though-Jamie told me that she was walking behind Lukes Lightning Mcqueen walker. I decided I needed to get her one! (By the way she had a bruise because she had fallen while walking). So Ally picked up on her new walker really quick!We are right there with her due to our overly hard concrete wood floors! She is enjoying the freedom to walk around though!

LOOK at those cute little legs

The Learning chair

Ally has had this toy for a long time, but is just now getting "big" enough to love it! She can sit in it all by herself now, but likes to try to stand up, which usually results in a fall. We sit right in front of her ready to catch her. She is a daredevil!

This one is a perfect example of her standing up!

I will leave you with this pic! A couple of weeks ago ,we had a cookout with about 6 friends over, and ally had diaper rash, so I let her go nakey. She only peed on the floor once!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We can go snowhere. . .

I love snow, so when the weather announced woodward as the "bullseye" of the storm, I was pretty excited! Well, they made it sound like we would wake up to a mess FRIDAY morning, so when we heard thunder and saw lightnight during the night Thursday I was disappointed. We woke up to a little snow but not "bullseye 12-16" of snow. The weather repeatedly said "its still coming" but I wasnt too hopeful. I woke up this morning to find myself proven wrong. . . Our front yard. Our yukon is on the right and adams work truck is outside the fence, crazy drifts because our yard is all fenced in.
Our back yard

the back yard (looking out the garage door. . . this is where my poor dogs had to pee until daddy shoveled)

yeah, thats my grand prix buried out there. The back end is the only part visible, the rest is completely buried.

One more look at the "winter wonderland"
Adam REALLY wanted to get out today and go look around town, so he shoveled our way to the yukon doors, thinking surely our 4WD can back over a 4 ft drift seated behind it. . . then he realized NOBODY had driven down the road and he chickened out. So here we sit. Probaly wise.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Delivery. . . or not!

I earned a $200 cooking pan from Tupperware because of my sales last month. So I was ecstatic to see it had shipped and would be here today! Well, I get a whole bunch of shipments from Fed Ex (tupperware) and so I KNOW that my guy comes to my house usually 1245-100. Well, 3 rolled around and I kept obsessively checking my fed ex shipment status, to find, each time that delivery date is 3/23 (today) and it was on the truck for delivery. Its not 805, set delivery of 3/23 and is on the truck for delivery. Im pretty sure my package is lost! So Im officially frustrated! Im going to leave this vent with a quote from dad.
"Sometimes you cant fix stupid!"
I promise Im not crazy if you know whats going on in our lives and those we love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day (a day late) from Miss Ally Shay!

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Real Boo Boo

Ally has now had her first real owwy, blood and all. We were at the church in my moms office today waiting for a tupperware shipment to arrive. She is all about standing on her knees checking things out. She was playing with my moms desk drawers, lost balance and wacked her face (or so we thought) on the desk. As I held her, she started having blood all over her mouth. We stopped the bleeding and realized she had gummed it. Now she has bruises on her gums. Poor baby. Its a good thing she didnt have teeth to begin with because she really wouldnt after that. So adam gets home tonight , is playing playstation and I hear this THUMP. SCREAM. Ally hit her head really hard on our hard wood floor again! POOR baby! She's had a rough day but has been a trooper.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Crawling Day!

Thats right people, Ally is finally crawling! She has been flopping her way to things for a while now, but today she took a nap, woke up, drank a little bit, threw her bottle out of her mouth, turned over, got up and just decided to crawl. She has the leg motion down before, but not the moving of her arms. I was like oh there she goes, It made me tear up! She made her way all over the living room like a big girl. Here are a few photos. I couldnt catch her "in" the action but you get the gyst. She made it up to our DVD player and pulled on a couple of cords even. WOW Its definetly time to babyproof! Anyway, had to update on that fun fact!

Monday, March 9, 2009

*Just Desserts*

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. Friday night daniel and jamie came over and Jamie and I cooked breakfast for dinner. It was a feast, actually. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy! Saturday We lounged around and wasted most of our day. We went out to my parents house around 4. Sunday we had a busy day as usual. Church, dinner, small group. I decided to take my mini cheesecakes for small groups (we have pot luck dinner every week) and then I thought "well I need to take food food too" so I took fishsticks. (Adam made fun of me at the thought!) Anyway, everyone gets there, and there are JUST DESSERTS. So in other words, my fishsticks came to the rescue. Too bad there were only like 48 of them and a whole bunch of hungry people. Today was my day off (liike I work sooo much, lol) I got some cleaning done and then my $300 Walmart grocery trip was successful! (I ran out of everything at once as usual.) Anyway, we got out CSI Miami Season 4 collection in so I better go watch it with Adam.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let me Out of HERE!

Ally went to bed at like 10 last night and the first time she woke up in the night was around 5. (this is the normal lately.) Around 8 I heard her stirring once again. I had a horrible headache, so I just prayed "God, let her go back to sleep just for a while so I can sleep this headache off". Finally around 930 my headache was gone, so I went in to her nursery because I heard her talking. She had woke up, found her binky and was just hanging out so I decided to jump in the shower. Got out, dried my hair. Now in my house, you can see the bathroom from her room. When I left the bathroom this is what I saw. . . SHE WAS PEEKING ON ME!