Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Delivery. . . or not!

I earned a $200 cooking pan from Tupperware because of my sales last month. So I was ecstatic to see it had shipped and would be here today! Well, I get a whole bunch of shipments from Fed Ex (tupperware) and so I KNOW that my guy comes to my house usually 1245-100. Well, 3 rolled around and I kept obsessively checking my fed ex shipment status, to find, each time that delivery date is 3/23 (today) and it was on the truck for delivery. Its not 805, set delivery of 3/23 and is on the truck for delivery. Im pretty sure my package is lost! So Im officially frustrated! Im going to leave this vent with a quote from dad.
"Sometimes you cant fix stupid!"
I promise Im not crazy if you know whats going on in our lives and those we love.

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