Monday, March 16, 2009

First Real Boo Boo

Ally has now had her first real owwy, blood and all. We were at the church in my moms office today waiting for a tupperware shipment to arrive. She is all about standing on her knees checking things out. She was playing with my moms desk drawers, lost balance and wacked her face (or so we thought) on the desk. As I held her, she started having blood all over her mouth. We stopped the bleeding and realized she had gummed it. Now she has bruises on her gums. Poor baby. Its a good thing she didnt have teeth to begin with because she really wouldnt after that. So adam gets home tonight , is playing playstation and I hear this THUMP. SCREAM. Ally hit her head really hard on our hard wood floor again! POOR baby! She's had a rough day but has been a trooper.

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emmafudd said...

oh, yeah, now it begins...soon you'll just be happy for a day without any owies! mobility makes for a lot of accidents. poor ally. give her extra hugs and kisses from aunt emma.