Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Delivery

Well, adam and I's 2nd anniversary is this Tuesday (Cant believe it!) and as usual, we planned on going to Jbs and my mom would keep ally. Well she had plans already for tuesday so we were left with the option of going last night (Ally is still contagious from H1N1 until wed. if she doesnt run another fever so we cant take her to anyone else) So at work yesterday Debbie yells "miranda you got flowers"-I about passed out because adam is not that type-never got flowers before from him! So yeah, he suprised me big time with flowers at the shop. Anyway, we went and ate at JBS then decided to go to FallADays. Adam has this thing with carrying around my whole keychain in his pocket, so he either takes the clicker off the rest of the keys, or gives the whole wad to me to carry in my purse. He decided to give it to me. Well, I have been pretty braindead these last few days. So I opened up my door, locked the car (while sittin in the car mind you) and last minute decision "Im just going to put money in my pocket so I dont have to carry my purse"-Yep, you guessed it, left purse of floorboard got out and shut the door of the locked car-with the keys on the floorboard :S. So we had 2 options, use a hanger or something feed through the sunroof and hit the unlock button on the inside (which of course, would set the alarm off in the process) or pray my dad still has that extra key. So we called them, and they set off coming back to town. Got to the expo and luckily he did have the extra key. Of course I caught ALL kinds of crap for this little episode. Adam is all the time making fun of me for leaving my sunroof cracked open, and like I told him-it would have saved us big bucks instead of calling the locksmith!
  • Anyway, Ally has been sick for over 2 weeks now, took her to the ER like the 2nd day of fever and they said she had the flu. they said she should only be getting better not worse.
By day 6 she still had fever of 101.6 so called back to ER, they didnt help so I called shattuck and they said the same thing, h1n1, nothing to do but fight fever. I really was beginning to think it would never end, but finally the fever did, only to remember the words of doc. "still contagious for 7 days after last fever"-my mom read online 7 days after last cough. . . :S Im going with the fever thing. So we've been stuck in the house or at my moms house for sooooo long.
I am still loving my new shop. Been way busier than ever! Its nice to have like 5-10 walkins a day! Im here by myself all day today. Gonna be boring unless they start walkin in!