Saturday, November 21, 2009


Im thinking this may be my last post. . . last pictureless post that is. I am going to break down and buy a new digital camera, I think. I have one, its a dinosaur. It doesnt print good pictures and its a process to download onto the computer, which is why I dont ever put new pics up of ally. Anyway, I have the one picked out that I want for christmas, so adam and I are going to get it for the both of us. He's getting a PS3 . My mom asked what to get him for his birthday and I told her to just get him Grand Theft Auto for the PS3. SOOOO Im kind of excited to be able to play guitar hero again, myself. Adam tried "fixing" our playstation 2 and broke it, so we've been without for a while. Adam is helping daniel and jessica move into their new house. Looking at it when they first bought it, I would never guess it would be liveable, let alone gorgeous! Anyway, work is going good. Im starting to build up a clientele again, which is good. Everytime I get down and think "I 'll never be as busy as them" I remind myself of debbies words "we've all paid our dues of sitting in the back waiting on something to walk in the door. . . ." its really a patience business. Thats why most people that have been stylists at one time, are not anymore. Takes a LONG time to get built up. Anyway, ready for thanksgiving, I guess. Hoping to get to see new moon tonight.
Ally is 15 months old now! Weighs 21 14 and is 32.5 inches long. dr. says shes just gonna be tall and skinny. OK by me!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, debbie had her surgery last monday, so I've been running the shop for a week now. It's been nice to be soo busy that the day just zooms by. We had a horrible weekend. I knew it would be busy weekend. I had to work saturday, until 2 (jessicas baby shower) then come back and do a lowlight, and make it back to triniti and gracies bday party at 530, then christmas play practice at 6. Sunday morning, our phones started ringing at 5 am, but somehow we slept through them, finally at 7 I heard mine, went to the kitchen to find we had missed somewhere around 10 calls/txts. I knew something was wrong. I called my dad back, and he said that Jessica (whose shower was sat. afternoon) hadnt felt addy move so they went to shattuck around 5 am (hence the first message we missed from daniel her hubby) and that addy had died. I immediately started bawling, thinking of daniel and jessica, our bestest buds who we just celebrated the shower with and were going to bring addy home in 2 weeks. My dad had passed them on their way TO shattuck, and grandpa met them up at the hospital and they had called me to be there for jessica since daniel had his "support" and we slept through the call. I cant believe it. I feel so horrible. They sent jess home to wait and deliver addy on wed. when her parents can be here from california, so we went to their house bright and early. There are no words to say to someone in this situation, even if u planned on your daughters "addy and ally" being good friends and growing up, what do you say but I love you?! Anyway, its been rough for me, being a mom and having carried a baby and knowing the closeness and knowing You're "safe" so close to the end, but its sooo not the case. This is the 4th baby we've lost like this in our church in 3 years. Daniel and jess had miscarried previously around 4 years ago at 9 wks, but there is no comparison (in my view) of having a nursery ready for a baby to come home to in 2 weeks and wham!. The whole church family was just shocked yesterday and it was a very teary service. Anyway, they will deliver addison june on wed. and if there is no obvious cause of death, they will most likely send her off to find out, so just keep them in your prayers. One thing that she did say at the hospital was "we got through the first one, we'll get through this too" so they are definetly being more positive than those without the hope of heaven would be.