Friday, June 5, 2009


Im tired of drama!
Im tired of inconsiderate people!
Im tired of hurt feelings!
But Im bigger than that!


Pizza Party

Ally and I had a great week at camp! We started off with a scare of having guymon girls in the cabin with us (no offense to guymon at all, I just knew it would be harder to keep Ally asleep at night with noise!), and ended up having only woodward girls, which included only 5! So Angela, Blayze, Ally and I plus the girls had a great cabin! The girls got loud a couple of times, but never woke Ally up, so they did great. Ally slept all night every night except last night, so she did awesome as well. I never got to set through a whole worship service though, because if you dont know Ally, she is very LOUD. What can I do at this age? Nothing-. Our cabin was part of a 3 way tie for best cabin, so we got a pizza party last night. Got home this morning around 1050 completely exhausted from staying up until 2 and waking up at 630 most nights. Slept from 11-2 and then 345-545. I could have easily slept through the evening, but Ally-not so much. The swimming pool was down at camp, which was a major bummer. I am going to clean house tomorrow because its my week to cook for my entire family Sunday lunch. hooray