Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy (Late) 2nd Birthday Ally!

I have been a slacker lately in blogging, but Ally turned 2 on August 15th! now THAT is hard to believe. It seriously just seems like yesterday! She is getting even MORE ornery as she is talking more and more and learning new words. We had a little party in our backyard, just family and a few friends. After last years huge bash, I decided she was lucky to get cupcakes, but I even got her a cake and it ended up being even more work than I had hoped. The kids swam and played in the playhouse. We have not been doing anything lately, the same ole schedule-work mon and tues, and ally goes to her new babysitter (who she loves) then we stay home and clean (or should be cleaning) the rest of the week. Little Miss Ally as newborn. Should've known by the covering of her ears she would be a brat
Here's ally's 2 year shot. lovin that cheeseball face.

Ally and her cousin cashlyn playing in allys playhouse at her bday party

Allys bday cake- she LOVES spongebob. We gave her a choice between what they had at walmart (like I said, did not plan to do much this year for bday) and it was between princesses, tinkerbell and spongebob and she picked him.