Monday, March 29, 2010


We had a super busy weekend. It is very rare that we have those, but this weekend happened to be FULL. Friday night we went with daniel and jessica to vici to eat, and then headed on to webb to hang out and let ally see the mastiffs. Saturday I knew was going to be a nightmare. about 2 weeks ago adam said he was going to help daniel and brian set up for the barlow girl/stellar kart concert and chauffer them around, and I said "I have to work that day, so you wont be able to, you'll have to stay with ally!" Well, he went ahead and volunteered for it. So Sat. I came to work, prepared to leave my noon. Adam called and said Jess was going to keep ally, but that we were going to the Expo and to eat lunch. After that ,we didnt see our husbands until they showed up in the middle of the conert around 840. ALLY absolutely loved the concert! Im sure I looked like a horrible mother taking my 1 1/2 year old to a concert, but she LOVED IT> she was dancing and rocking. By the time barlow girl got on she was pooped and we ended up leaving in the middle of them to beat the crowd. Yesterday (Sunday) we had church, then my niece taylors birthday party, small group, and Jessica and I decided to run over to my dads afterwards and get my bike and ally's trailer thingy I pull behind it. Got there to find completely flat innertubes in the tires, so I ended up walking the bike and pulling ally in the trailer back to their house. Went to walmart to get new tubes and FINALLY got to go home and clean until midnight. AHHH> Ally is staying at home on mondays now with my cousin sara. Todays the first day of that, so we'll see how it goes. Sara might quit and tell me she is a monster. haha.
The shop is still pretty slow, but Im praying for a busy day today :)