Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What We've Been up to. . .

It seems like I have been too busy to keep up with my blog. I only have like 3 faithful readers (I think) so to those 3 I apologize. Here's whats new in the Rodgers house.

We will put Ally down on her back to eat, and she always rolls over, picks her bottle up with her mouth and eats like a dog. haha. Sunday morning she actually had sucked the air out of the drop in completely so she was achieving her goal and actually getting milk out like this! It was hilarious because she decided to get up and move about while doing it!
Ally has started taking baths in her big girl duckie bathtub. (my shower is competely disgusting I know. Before I came along Adam and his roomate craig didnt believe in cleaning and now theres permanent yuck from it. We ARE working on this though!

Sleeping with daddy

Adam came home at lunch and went to check on Ally who was napping. She did have Raff's arm in her mouth sucking on it, but by the time I finished laughing and got my camera, she had pulled it out. Im telling you, this girl loves to be covered up in her sleep!
She is working SOOO hard on crawling. She does push ups, and can get ANYWHERE she wants to go, she pulls one knee, crawls a little and falls, then starts all over again.

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Kara said...

She is so cute! We missed you last week at MOPS...hope you are doing well!