Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Adam, Ally, and I headed to OKC last weekend for a little getaway. We stayed in a hotel that had a pool, so Ally got her first swimming experience. (Photos Ahead. . .) We went to Lenscrafters and got adams eyes checked. I thought *foolishly* that it would be WAY cheaper to go there since its a "chain". Well. His eye EXAM was 140.00 and his glasses were 450.00. So I think we will stick to good ole' woodward docs. from now on. Anyway, we hit up babys r us and had a good time while we were there.

Come on Guys
Lets go swim!

Who needs a Boat!
I've got a car that honks!

Swimming with Daddy
Mommy and me!




Kara said...

Cute stuff! I remember we tried that chain in Houston once and it cost us a fortune too, those commercials are so deceiving!

Daniel and Jamie said...

Ally in the "huge" little swimmer is too funny! The car is pretty cool.

emmafudd said...

Next time invite Aunt Emma...Looks like FUN!