Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday. . .to me

Well, tomorrow will be my 23rd birthday. I know, old right? Anyway, it's Wednesday night, at church. You're probably wondering why Im blogging. Well my adorable 5 month old daughter LOVES to yak during Wed. night church. There is no nursery on Wed. night so basically I Spend the whole time out in the foyer. Tonight I decided to come into my moms office and hang out on the computer. She is in her pack n play happy and quiet as can be but as soon as I go back in she will start up again. Tomorrow I will be going to Enid with my mom and grandma. Sounds boring to most, but exciting to me, who NEVER get to go out of town. Anyways, Ally is growing like crazy. I need to weigh her, but keep forgetting about it until Im somewhere without a scale. I have 2 pending Tupperware parties that I am in the process of getting closed and another party next week. I would say January is looking like another bonus month so far if all goes through!


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Kara said...

I know I am a little late, but Happy Birthday! You are young, but I won't hold that against you! We missed you last week at MOPS!