Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, we had a great (boring) new years Eve. We went to church (picture of allys new years eve outfit later) and afterwards we had a little finger food get together. The youth group was havin a "lock in" until 1am. Adam wanted to stay for that so Billy and Gena gave me a ride home around 830. Ally got her bath, and got right to bed. Meanwhile, I was able to finish my Spa Girls Series, well the first book anyway, called She's All that. I started on the second one, A girls best friend, but was dozing off while reading, so I went to bed. Adam left early so he could spend the new year with me, but found me asleep. He tried to wake me up but that wasnt happening. He told me this morning he had NEVER seen me sleep that hard. I guess I even got a text message during the night and didnt even hear it or check it. You know how they always like keep beeping when you have a missed call? My phone kept beeping every 5 minutes or so. Adam nudged me to get it, I slept through the whole process. He finally got up, walked to my nightstand and did it for me lol. Anyways, today we went to Billly and Tinas house and had black eyed peas (tradition) I didnt but everyone else did. Now we're out at my mom and dads house, fixing to go home after the movie.
Adam decided to move our elliptical into our living room so we will use it more (its a space saver from nordic track so it doesnt take up much room). Hopefully I will feel the urge to use it since its going to drive me NUTS takin up space in my living room.

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