Monday, January 12, 2009

I thought I'd better put a picture up of Ally on New Years Eve. Her bib said "wake me up for my midnight kiss" lol. Someone shouldve woke us both up!
Okay so Ally has started this weird thing. <<<<<<<
She is like burying herself under anything she can find in order to go to sleep. So much for the SIDS risk. She loves to have her head covered. This is our comforter on OUR bed. Of course when she is sleeping in her own crib we dont let her just be suffocated, but its pretty cute when we can watch her 24/7. Anyways, I have my first tupperware party in like a month tomorrow. I always seem to be really nervous when they are spaced that far in between. Well, thought I'd better add some new pics since I revamped my space.

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Daniel and Jamie said...

It's about time. It has been almost 2 weeks. :) I no longer have an excuse. Our computer is back at home... Soon.