Monday, December 29, 2008

*warning* Ally Overload

We had a very awesome first christmas. Photo Overload ahead.. This is our christmas tree at our house.
Ally and daddy at our first family Christmas-Christmas eve. (my side of the family). Ally got a doll, an eskimo joes outfit, and toys.

Ally posing for the Camera at Nama and Poopah's house on Christmas eve. (Part 2 of presents)

Ally opening presents

My family at my mom and dads house on Christmas eve.

Ally and Sweet Pea

Ally opening presents. (too many to mention here) toys, clothes, etc.

DAY 2. Christmas day at Aunt Cindys house. Ally, nanny and her cousin cashlyn. It was so cute, Cashlyn was giving ally her cup and ally was drinking it like a big girl.

Ally and Cashlynn

Ally opening presents. She got clothes and toys.

Ally and mommy opening presents back home. She got KSwiss tennys from daddy (their pink of course) and toys.

We had a great Christmas overall, and are very thankful we have a healthy daughter now to enjoy it with.

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