Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We dedicated Ally to the Lord on Sunday morning. Only 2 people showed up from Adams side of the family--my S-I-L and my nephew. Really the only 2 I feel even halfway care. Allys own grandma didnt show up. It makes me sad and a little angry. His whole family is basically un-churched and didnt see it as a priority. However, had she had a ballgame, they so would have been there. Besides, they couldnt get it out of their heads that we should be baptizing her. No matter how much we explained what the bible REALLY says about baptism to them--- a PUBLIC Announcement-Symbol of salvation-Ally is under God's Grace until she is old enough to make her own decision-They thought she needed to be baptized. Had they been at the service and heard allens sermon they may have understood it, but no- Anyway, a few pics with ally in her dress.

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