Saturday, March 28, 2009

We can go snowhere. . .

I love snow, so when the weather announced woodward as the "bullseye" of the storm, I was pretty excited! Well, they made it sound like we would wake up to a mess FRIDAY morning, so when we heard thunder and saw lightnight during the night Thursday I was disappointed. We woke up to a little snow but not "bullseye 12-16" of snow. The weather repeatedly said "its still coming" but I wasnt too hopeful. I woke up this morning to find myself proven wrong. . . Our front yard. Our yukon is on the right and adams work truck is outside the fence, crazy drifts because our yard is all fenced in.
Our back yard

the back yard (looking out the garage door. . . this is where my poor dogs had to pee until daddy shoveled)

yeah, thats my grand prix buried out there. The back end is the only part visible, the rest is completely buried.

One more look at the "winter wonderland"
Adam REALLY wanted to get out today and go look around town, so he shoveled our way to the yukon doors, thinking surely our 4WD can back over a 4 ft drift seated behind it. . . then he realized NOBODY had driven down the road and he chickened out. So here we sit. Probaly wise.

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