Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Crawling Day!

Thats right people, Ally is finally crawling! She has been flopping her way to things for a while now, but today she took a nap, woke up, drank a little bit, threw her bottle out of her mouth, turned over, got up and just decided to crawl. She has the leg motion down before, but not the moving of her arms. I was like oh there she goes, It made me tear up! She made her way all over the living room like a big girl. Here are a few photos. I couldnt catch her "in" the action but you get the gyst. She made it up to our DVD player and pulled on a couple of cords even. WOW Its definetly time to babyproof! Anyway, had to update on that fun fact!


Daniel and Jamie said...

Yay! That's exciting... Now watch out! :)

emmafudd said...

awwwww! go, ally, go! now, not only will she get into everything, but she'll bang herself up quite a bit more...look out!