Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, we are busy packing around this house. Ally and I are off to kids camp for the week. It ought to be interesting considering she will probably not sleep nor take naps all week. I used to think I packed heavy with just me and Ive more than doubled that-diapers, wipes, pack n play, twice the clothes, pjs, towels and not to mention toys. The lady who is bunking in with us is bringing her 3 year old son, and weve discussed how our cabin is sure to look like a daycare. Well I will not be blogging or checking blogs at all next week. I will leave you with a picture of Ally eating her first oreo-Im sure that some moms reading this just stroked out that I fed my 9 month old an oreo- however, I dont believe that ONE oreo is going to make her die, or be obese. Until I decide to give up the habit myself, I will not be a hypocrite and not allow my child to eat them while I sit and endulge. Anyways, thats enough for today.

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