Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Perfect Toy Box(es)

I have been trying to come up with a better toy storage idea for a while now. Regular toyboxes are sooo expensive and HARD to find. I have my toybox from when I was little, but it fell on me many times so I want to wait until she is way older. Plus its huge! So I had been using one of those 3 drawer plastic things for a while now. Today while walking through walmart I saw the perfect thing! She can get to her toys all by herself now. And they are perfect colors! (Pink purple and green. I had my flash off on my camera)
I also saved all my barbie stuff from when I was little. Adam came across my old camper and thought ally would have a blast walking around with it since its hooked to a truck. Instead. . . . she just likes sitting IN it and playing barbies!

Ally is ELEVEN months old today! I CANNOT believe how the time has flown. I am a HORRIBLE picture person and we've only had a few pictures done of her (professionally) so my goal for august is to get 1 year pics done. I promise all you guys I WILL! Anyway, I had to lock her in her crib so I could post so I better let her know shes not in trouble. (Even though shes playing happily. she loves the keyboard and its impossible to blog or check email or bank or pay bills or anything for that matter. lol)--wouldnt know what to do without her though ;)

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