Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Meal

Sorry this is a horrible picture once its uploaded off adams blackberry and saved to the computer. But incase you cant tell, this is Allys 1st ever happy meal! She has been eating chicken for a while now so the other night I thought "we should get her a happy meal" Anyway, she is biting the chicken and smiling for the camera (she's quite the ham these days). She is the flowergirl THIS saturday and we're standing alone, but not quite walking. Hopefully this week she will master it though.
Anyways, Im super stressed out right now, so if you'll just say a little prayer. Our mortgage has increased 122.00 a month due to an increase in insurance cost vs. escrow shortage (lovely I know). But its due to our super horrible credit these last 2 years. I am happy to say that I paid OFF 2 credit cards today but I have SoOOOOO many more to go. I love how when you tell the creditors "I dont have the money" they assume you do because so many people who live in fancy houses and drive brand new cars DONT pay their credit cards and so they assume that I drive a nice car and live in a fancy house-which if you know me-know thats so not the case. so, when I say "I dont have money," that means I truly dont. That doesnt mean I dont have money in this account but have 10,000 stashed in another. that means Zilch. Anyways, things will work out, they always do. I just wish we could take back the past.

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