Monday, April 6, 2009

On the downhill slide. . .

Well, we bought ally a stroller to walk behind and she absolutely loves it. Wait-REWIND. Last week adam and I wanted to go 4 wheeling on Friday when it had started blizzarding (word? I dont know!) so we called up our dear friends daniel and Jamie to keep Ally.
When we picked Ally up, she had a bruise down the side of her face-thats beside the point now though-Jamie told me that she was walking behind Lukes Lightning Mcqueen walker. I decided I needed to get her one! (By the way she had a bruise because she had fallen while walking). So Ally picked up on her new walker really quick!We are right there with her due to our overly hard concrete wood floors! She is enjoying the freedom to walk around though!

LOOK at those cute little legs

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Daniel and Jamie said...

Ok - I'm the bad babysitter that let's your kid get her first bruise. :) It was about time. She needed one before she turned 8 months old. Hopefully she'll still get to come to Aunt Jamie's house!