Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, I did get my new digital camera-and planned on posting a bunch of pics-but my computer is acting up, so I will probably have to catch up later on that. I got them uploaded to my computer but am having trouble uploading to the internet. We had a great Christmas, and were very spoiled this year.Adam and I got a Playstation 3 for the first part of our christmas. Then I got a new car :) yay! Then I also got my digital camera, which I had just decided to do without because of the new car, but ended up able to get it! Now, the thing is, I HAD to get a new car. I wanted one for sure, but when 1 dealership tells you 'this car is UNSAFE!' and another one tells you "honey Im afraid you're not going to make it home in this"-its time. So anyway, I got a 2009 malibu LT. LOVE IT. It has the sunroof and remote start, and just about everything it can have in it. Onstar and us have gone round and round. too confusing for me. haha. Anyways, Ally has been very spoiled this year as well. She opened basically everyones presents that were sitting under the treee. The ones she didnt OPEN, she drew all over, so our gifts were very personalized this year. With mom and dad being separated it was really weird, but we just gotta deal. Anyways, dads coming over tomorrow and Im cooking a lunch-ham, stuffing, potatoes, the works. Thought I would update with pictures, but was wrong :( next time!

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