Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Pictures!

My little girl is getting so big! She still is notorious for her big bows! Today I went to get up with her during church and was loaded down with her, diaper bag, purse (adam hates it when I leave my purse and he has to carry out my animal print and lime green purse lol) and her in the other arm. Guess what happened! Yep, the bows fell off of her head, so I had to bend down, which wasnt easy considering my arms were loaded down.

This is one of the many bows I purchased at Fall-A-Days. Isnt it ADORABLE?

This is the outfit she wore home from the hospital. It was sooo huge on her and now its getting a little tight. She couldnt even wear the hat because it covered her whole face!

She sleeps like her mommy AND daddy! Daddy always has a pillow in between his knees and mommy is always all over the bed in every which direction!

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