Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring cleaning...slow but thorough

I decided yesterday first thing after waking up that I was not going to go lounge on the couch all morning like usual! I usually get up and watched my dvr'd shows, which puts me lazy all day. So I got up in a cleaning mood and started on the bathroom. for 3 years we have just piled stuff under the dreaded bathroom sink, so I thought id tackle it. I went to dollar tree and bough baskets to organize. This is the TRASH pile that we found in there. (a paper towel holder, really miranda?!) I didnt take a BEFORE picture, but I did take an after
AFTER. Everything neatly organized. bin for cleaning supplies, bin for adam, bin for me, and bin for medical We took ally to her first carnival last night . She was too short to ride any of the rides by herself, so nama rode on them with her. This ride was her favorite-the cars. we had to ride it twice. We rode the boats, planes, ferris wheel, carousel, and the cars. She won 2 prizes by picking up ducks and mommy broke a plate and won her a dinky little whale that I could have bought for 10 cents instead of 5$ She tried cotton candy and was completely freaked out by it at first but ended up loving it.
we had a garage sale a couple of weekends ago, and I decided that since I dont want any more kids at the moment, I would sell the crib. It was really tough, but I did it. Heres a picture of her new big girl bed! Now we can lay in bed together and read stories!

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