Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Days

We have been busy busy this last week. Ally has been busy being "cool" and driving all over the town! Ally also had swimming lessons with her cousin taylor all week. Shes pretty young but she is not scared of the water one bit, so we thought we'd better start her early so she knows how to swim quickly. She went down the water slide, jumped off the edges and now knows how to kick her feet and get herself where she wants to go (with floaties, of course)

On saturday we had a bunch of adams family over for a cookout and swimming party (we broke down and bought a big pool this year)-This is ally and her cousin cashlynn chillin. (they look a lot alike because its adams twin sisters girl!)

We have loved having a big pool and have used it everyday so far. Ally was a big helper putting it up. She helped daddy and uncle daniel dig and level the ground (sort of) and here she is in the bottom helping daddy fill it and smooth out the liner.

In other news, I have kind of had "finding babysitter" hell. I need someone to keep ally just mondays and tuesdays and am having big trouble. If anyone knows of anyone with a daycare that wont charge for a full week just for 2 days and has an opening, please let me know! Or if anybody knows any indvidual that would be able to keep her.

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